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I feel very fortunate to have my friend and drum historian Daniel Glass writing the Foreword to my upcoming eBook on the wartime experiences of the Civil War Drummer Boy. Daniel has made it his mission to preserve and present the history of American drumming and I can’t think of anyone more perfect to write the introduction to my book. I met Daniel when I wrote a feature on him for DRUMHEAD magazine and he was one of my favorite interviews. Here is the article in its entirety available for viewing online:

Cicero once said: “Who knows only his own generation remains always a child.” This is a timeless proclamation that the Roman philosopher used to warn us that, before any generation can effectively grow in the present, it must first acknowledge the contributions of its past. This theory of “looking backward in order to move forward” is no more evident than in the arts, where poets, painters and musicians routinely draw upon their predecessors in order to develop inspiration and more importantly, a foundation. Therefore it is no surprise that the inspiring sources for many successful artists can be found by examining the legacies of their forefathers.

Daniel Glass under-stands Cicero’s philosophy. It has guided him through a diverse career as an award-winning drummer, author, historian and educator. Few percussionists have done more to preserve and present the roots of American music than he has. From his 19 years as a member of the pioneering swing-band, Royal Crown Revue, to his side work with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Bette Midler and Liza Minnelli, Daniel is the embodiment of the classic American drummer. READ THE REST

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