The Long Roll by Michael Aubrecht

This 50-page eBook presents the history of the Civil War Drummer Boy. DOWNLOAD HERE (PDF, must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)

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  1. So I’m sitting here watching the visitor numbers rise on The Long Roll reflecting on the lessons that I learned while writing this book. I came up with three: 1. Drummer boys were some of the bravest youths I’ve ever known. The fact that they marched into battle with a pair of drumsticks instead of a rifle astounds me. 2. Their experiences were unfairly romanticized in print, in poetry and in song. This was done despite all of the hardships that they faced while on campaign. And 3. The skill required to be a drummer was impressive. An able sense of the rudiments and calls they were needed to play took real proficiency. My goal was to present the honest life and experience of the drummer boy both on the battlefield and off. I like to think that I accomplished that. I also learned a great deal while writing this book and came away with a newfound respect for these remarkable young men. I wonder if today’s youth would have voluntarily marched off to war underage and unarmed. – Michael Aubrecht

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