On the March

Well it always happens. As soon as you publish a book you come upon something that you wish you had included. Here is a photo of particular interest. It depicts a drum and fife corps. leading a line of troops on the march in 1863. This is the 9th Vermont Infantry in New Bern, North Carolina. The 9th Vermont was captured at the Battle of Harpers Ferry during the 1862 Maryland Campaign, but later fought well with the VII, XVIII and XXIV Corps in eastern Virginia and North Carolina, and was one of the first units to enter Richmond, Virginia, in April of 1865. The regiment lost 2 officers and 22 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 3 officers and 278 enlisted men by disease. Total loss: 305.

Pictured here is a preserved drum for the 9th Vermont. The drum is marked with 9 VT INF in blue paint on old red surface. It has been repaired and restored by Charles Soistman of “The Rolling Drum Shop” The drum retains early paint, one original hoop and canvas hanger with two period correct drumsticks.

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