Life Beyond the Cymbals

Today I want to introduce you to one of the most insightful drum blogs on the internet today. This week I was thrilled to get a comment from Scott K. Fish, former managing editor of Modern Drummer magazine (1980-1983) and drum blogger extraordinaire. Scott’s unique blog “Life Beyond the Cymbals” ( features his collection of taped interviews for Modern Drummer featuring some of the most renowned drummers in the history of the instrument. He also features audio performances of equally famous drummers that make you think about what the instrument is capable of.

I particularly like the comments that Scott adds to every post that provides the reader with insights into each individual. He began blogging in 2014 and has maintained fresh content on a regular basis. I particularly enjoy Scott’s interviews with drummers who didn’t do a lot of press. Somehow he was able to convince them to spend some time sharing their intimate experiences for the most well-respected drum magazine on the newsstand, in fact…the only drum magazine on the newsstand at the time. Scott started freelance writing for MD in 1976. When he left the magazine in October of 1983 he had written almost half MD‘s feature articles.

According to his bio Scott fell in love with music and the drums after hearing Gene Krupa’s rendition of “China Boy.” He spent the first half of this life playing, teaching, studying and writing about music. Drummers were his main subject. Nowadays Scott is back to sharing his love of the drums with an online audience. If you’re looking for a blog that introduces you to all kinds of drummers and drumming from days gone by visit “Life Beyond the Cymbals” (

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