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I’ve recently become interested in using my iPhone for more than just a way to update my Facebook page. There are a lot of great drum apps out there from metronomes to tuners. One of the best is called the Drum Guru™. It is one of the most dynamic drum lesson tools I’ve ever seen. According to their website:

 Drum Guru™ is an online lesson site and app for Apple’s iPad and iPhone that features lesson “packs” taught by drummers demonstrating great grooves, fills, and sharing other insights and techniques. Each lesson demonstrates various techniques, groove playing, soloing, musical styles, and many other insights. Inside, you’ll find a variety of lessons in many different styles such as rock, jazz, funk and Latin, each presented in lessons specifically tailored for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Each lesson pack features Lesson Mode and Practice Mode. In Lesson Mode, you will watch a video demonstrating the lesson, just as if you were in a private lesson with the instructor. In Practice Mode, you get to work on the lesson yourself – see the lesson music written out, and hear it played for you. You can pause, loop, and mix the music with metronome while you play-along.

The instructors offered on Drum Guru™ are some of the best in the business. This includes Stanton Moore, Gregg Bissonette and Mark Guiliana. The program in set up so that you can work at your own pace and move onto more complicated lessons as you become more comfortable with the material. They add:

Drum Guru™ is designed to work on the technology you already own. We offer a free app for iOS devices such as Apple’s iPad and iPhone, as well as a web-based lesson player that is compatible with all major web browsers available for Mac and Windows computers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge, as well as all Android devices. An internet connection is required to view lesson content.

For more information, visit

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