Lean on Me

Today I wanted to take a quick look at two of the most unusual set-ups you are likely to see. Both kits are angled at a severe tilt away from the player and look as if they are falling over. Each kit belongs to one of the best in the business and frankly, as weird as they may look, this is what works for them. The first kit belongs to Jack White’s drummer Daru Jones.

Daru plays DW Drums: (Classic Series) 8×12 rack, 16×18 floor, 14×26 kick and a 5×16 VLT snare with chrome finish. He plays PAISTE Cymbals: 22” Twenty Custom Collection Full Ride, 18” Twenty Custom Collection Full Crash and 15” Metal Hi-Hats.

The second kit belongs to our friend and Carrie Underwood’s drummer Garrett Goodwin.

Garrett also plays DW Drums: 10×14 floor tom, 16×18 floor tom, 18×26 kick and a 5.5×14 Aluminum & Brass/Aluminum Snare. He plays Sabian Cymbals: 22” AA Medium Crash, 24” AA Medium Crash, 18” Hi-Hats (Top HHXploshion or Paragon Crash/Bottom Artisan Crash) and a 24” AAX Stage or Studio Ride.

Both drummers started playing the drums in church and after they ventured out into the secular scene they became inspired to come up with their own unique style. They succeeded. It’s interesting watching these guys play.

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