As someone who co-authored a successful instructional drum book for kids I’m always on the lookout for educational products geared towards children. The folks at drumeo have come up with a dynamic training tool that takes teaching rhythm to kids to a whole new level. Seeing the need for more online instructional videos for younger players Jared Falk and Carson Grant worked together to develop “drumeokids.”

Their first app, titled “The Rhythmic Adventures Of Captain Carson,” is available for download on any electronic device such as a phone or tablet. This makes it perfect for morning shows, road trip entertainment, or wherever your kids have time to clap and dance. There are three approaches used: Clap-Attack: clapping to various rhythms, Boot-Chick-Cat: vocally responding to real drum beats and Dance Party: dancing along to drum beats with their favorite characters. This is an entertaining way to introduce children to drumming through fun shows that will capture their attention. To download your first lesson for free go to:

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