Substitute Rig

Today I want to rundown my current rig. For practice purposes, that is, being able to practice whenever I want, I stacked the Ludwig Breakbeats kit in the corner of the drum room and set up my Yamaha DTXPLORER electronic kit and PercPad. The DTXPLORER is a fantastic and affordable e-kit that comes loaded with all the features.

It features 214 high-caliber Yamaha drum and percussion voices, 22 preset songs, 32 preset drum kits and digital effects. The high-impact rubber pads feature a natural feel and rebound. The preset kits are Rock, Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Latin Percussion and more. You can also create your own customized kit and store up to 10 drum kits.

There is a metronome included. You can combine clicks at the exact timing as you want to customize your own click patterns. Up to 30 patterns can be saved into the memory area. You can assign a different drum voice like a kick or a snare to each of five click value types (quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note, or triplets). Moreover, individual volume levels for each of the five click beats can be adjusted.

The DTXPLORER comes with 22 preset songs. You can either mute the drum track or play the bass part only to play along with the songs in a virtual session. “Groove Check” function allows you to check on your playing accuracy (timing of hitting pads and how hard you hit pads). I particularly like jamming to the funk and blues songs. You can also connect a CD player, MP3 player, or other external audio device and play along with your favorite recordings.

On the side I am using an Alesis PercPad. This pad enables you to add four drum pads and an optional kick trigger to your acoustic or electronic kit or percussion setup. Its compact, fits on a snare stand, is easy to use, and it contains 25 sounds that are perfect for accessorizing standard drum sets. I primarily use it for auxiliary percussion. I also like the old school sounds it provides. I can program the DTXPLORER as a Hip Hop kit and add 80’s effects on the PercPad.

Obviously playing on an electronic kit is different from playing on an acoustic one, but it allows me the freedom to play whenever I want. I have a drum room but it isn’t sound proof. I do enjoy the flexibility to program whatever kind of kit I feel like playing and it’s a lot of fun to play along to the tracks. If you are interested in getting into electronics I cannot recommend the DTXPLORER and PercPad enough.

I plan on putting together some videos in the very near future featuring this setup. Stay tuned.

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