Review: Art Imitates Life

“Progressive” is a word that is often thrown around for music that is indescribable. “Unique” and “Avant-garde” also come to mind. It’s a definition for music that challenges the listener to open up their ears and their minds. Such is the case with Hepcat Dilemma’s latest release Art Imitates Life. The album, released on vinyl, is the first record from the band in 17 years and it is well worth the wait.

How would one describe Hepcat Dilemma? An incredibly original band from their music, to their look, to their branding. Hepcat has crafted a truly unique style and presentation. How do they sound? It’s hard to describe but the easiest way would be a cross between King Crimson and Frank Zappa. They live in the world of odd time signatures and thought-provoking lyrics. Founding member Bob Loiselle (guitar), drummer E Hood, and Chris Colpo (bass, vocals) have crafted arrangements that take the listener on a musical journey. The Chauffeur Will Have the Last Word, Night of the Spiders and Blindsided in Aisle 12 are as distinctive as their titles.

I grew up with the band’s drummer E Hood and he is one of the best I’ve ever heard. His command of the odd time signature would make Terry Bozzio proud and he is the driving force behind Hepcat’s sonic “weirdness.” (I use that term in a good way). I’ll be interviewing Eric in an upcoming post. Hood introduced me to his band through live performances posted on YouTube. Each one showcased the band’s ability to play in another realm while not losing the audience. That takes skill.

Recorded at Hollywood Studios their presence translates on each song and one can get a feel for what the band sounds like live. Hepcat fancy themselves a Rock band but this release shows that they are much more. Art Imitates Life is an excellent example of what can happen when a band refuses to compromise and puts themselves out there. For more information, visit

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