P4 Practice Pad

I’ve reviewed drum pads here before but none have been as versatile as the P4 Practice Pad from Drumeo. Known for being one of the most successful online drum communities Drumeo worked with educator Pat Petrillo to design this unique training tool. Petrillo is the author of “Hands, Grooves, & Fills.” I’ve yet to come across a drum pad that features four playing surfaces. Each section is elevated to simulate the same movement one would experience around the drum kit. Each surface provides a different rebound.

The large blue section is your standard drum pad gum and is meant to simulate a snare drum. Next to that is a black surface that gives a little and is supposed to simulate a rack tom. To the right of that is a white area that is less responsive and is supposed to simulate a floor tom. Top red level is hard and emulates a cymbal to act as a ride.

I had a great time moving about the pad from section to section as if I was moving about the kit. You can also use the pad in a traditional manner and focus on specific surfaces for specific exercises.

According to Drumeo there are three specific areas of improvement the P4 will provide:

  • Speed and fluidity around the drum-set
  • More consistency and accuracy on all surfaces
  • More musical and creative practice sessions

According to Petrillo the P4 helped his students to replicate the feel of moving around the drum set and work on independence techniques. In addition to being able to practice drum set-like exercises anywhere, you can do so in a quiet fashion. Just throw the P4 in your bag and pull it out whenever you want. I highly recommend this product as one the most dynamic practice tools I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

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