“Living the Dream”

Every once in a while a company comes along that clearly does things better than the competition. They make a better product. Provide better service. And show the big guys how things should be done. Dream cymbals is such a company. Founded in 2005 Dream cymbals is the partnership of talented Canadian instrument designers and generations of Chinese metal smiths.

Dream’s products are all made in a family owned factory in the Wuhan region of China. For generations this factory has been producing cymbals and gongs as far back as 2000 B.C. Each cymbal and gong is hand-made and hand-hammered, to create a one-of-a-kind sound. Building on a reputation for creating cymbals that are second-to-none Dream has grown to distribute their products in over 14 countries.

Dream is also an environmentally-conscious company with a green-friendly recycling program. Dream customers can exchange broken cymbals for credit toward new Dream cymbals. They simply have to bring in their cracked cymbals of any make and model to their local Dream dealer and they will be given $1 per inch in credit toward a new Dream cymbal product. The cracked cymbals are then melted down to create new ones. No other major cymbal manufacturer offers a mutually-beneficial program like this.

Another innovation that sets Dream apart is what it calls “Sound Pricing.” The concept is that whenever possible, cymbals would be priced consistently no matter what line they are from. All cymbals of the same size and style across their Bliss, Contact, Energy, Vintage Bliss and Pang series are the same price as the Bliss series. This enables the buyer to have a better selection. Each cymbal also comes with a two-year warranty. This shows just how much confidence Dream has in their products.

Dream’s series include Bliss, Vintage, Energy and Dark Matter, as well as a variety of effects cymbals such as Tri Hats, RE-FX, Pang and Stacks. Each one has its own personality. Dream also has an impressive list of independent endorsers to include Scott Pellegrom who we interviewed a while back (READ HERE). Dream has clearly become a contender in the world of cymbal manufacturing and is quickly moving up the list of exceptional manufacturers. You can get more information on Dream at their website at: https://dreamcymbals.com/.

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