Why so angry?

Shakira playing drums during Super Bowl LIV

I feel the need to comment on the latest uproar that is making its way around Facebook following the Super Bowl half-time show. It seems people are upset that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were selected as the performers.

First off, the game took place in Miami so the decision to do a show with a Latin flavor makes sense.

Second, people can say what they want about Shakira but how many entertainers can write their own songs, sing, dance, model, play guitar, piano and drums and look like that. Not many. Yes they mime their instruments and lip sync just like every performer that does the show (the Red Hot Chili Peppers proved that) because they can’t afford there to be any disruptions in the performance. Everything has to run like clockwork.

Third, people, mostly drummers, are arguing over Shakira’s performance on the drums. Can she actually play drums? Yes, she can. Is she Neil Peart? No, but she plays well within the context of the music. So everyone who seems to have a problem with this look at the show for what it is.

Was it entertaining? Yes. Did it fit the location and atmosphere? Yes. Is Shakira talented? Yes. Did she put on a good show for what she does? Yes albeit a bit risqué at times. My point in all of this is you can respect performers for their talents, regardless if they are from your preferred genre of music. I would venture to guess that’s the reason most of these people are pissed off in the first place.

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