Perhaps the most important skill to learn in drumming is the proper way to hold the stick. The way one grips the stick is critical to how effective they will play. Proper finger technique and control of the natural rebound is essential.

HINGESTIX® Practice Drumsticks is a learning tool that helps drummers understand proper grip and finger technique. Each stick has a rotating finger pad that positions the thumb, index finger and middle finger for the perfect fulcrum. This ensures that the drummer maintains balance between the hands every time he/she picks up the sticks.

A winner of Best In Show at 2011 NAMM, HINGESTIX® makes it easy to guarantee that the user will build muscle memory over time and grip the sticks properly. HINGESTIX® are also endorsed by Bernard Purdie.

Sam Ruttenberg is the inventor of HINGESTIX®. He has performed with many stars and recording artists. He is also a successful teacher and clinician with a client list that reads like a Who’s-Who of famous musicians. Ruttenberg created the HingeStix® practice drumsticks as a learning tool.

HINGESTIX® lists the benefits on their website. Single strokes using the rebound. Like bouncing a basketball, the HINGESTIX® simulate a loose grip where bouncing becomes easier, Learning the double bounce for your “open” roll. Just throw the stick down once and let the stick bounce free for that 2nd stroke and Learning the all important “buzz” stroke for your long or “closed” roll.

They are now available as 5A Hickory Performance Drumsticks. I highly recommend HingeStix® for anyone looking to develop that perfect grip and natural control.

For more information, or to order your pair visit:


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