My Gear

To be honest I’m not really that much of a gear head. I do get to review gear on the blog from time to time but when it comes to playing drums I don’t get too infatuated with equipment. I’m not the kind of drummer that has to go out and get the latest double bass pedal and I don’t have a snare collection worth more than my car. That said, I do treat my gear very well. I currently have two kits, one acoustic and one electronic.

The acoustic kit is the Questlove Breakbeats kit that is put out by Ludwig. Positioned on a riser for optimum reach, it features a compact 14×16” bass drum, 7×10” rack tom, 13×13” floor tom and a 14” x 5” matching wood snare. It features Remo Pinstripe heads for pro-level tones, and comes with a multi-purpose bags for easy transport, and drum muting. The driving force behind these drums are the 7-ply poplar shells that produce punchy, focused attack with dry, clipped resonance. A 45-degree bearing edge ensures quick, classic shell response, while triple-flanged hoops endure the best rimshots. I bought this set because I was looking for a compact kit that didn’t sound compact. This one delivered.

The electronic kit is the Yamaha DTXPLORER. It features 214 drum and percussion sounds, 22 preset songs, and 32 preset drum kits covering rock, funk, jazz, reggae, and Latin styles. An array of onboard digital effects lets me tweak the sound to my liking. I can create and store up to 9 custom kits. The module also includes a multifunction metronome, backlit LCD display, and simple plug-and-play connections. Auxiliary inputs and MIDI outputs expand the kit’s versatility, allowing me to connect to a PC or other device. The headphone output allows quiet practice. (I supplement this set-up with an Alesis PercPad.) This kit was a gift from a friend. I was looking for something I could practice on any hour of the day.

Both of these kits serve their individual purpose and allow me to accomplish any goal that I have.

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