Passing the Time

I trust you are enjoying your time under self-quarantine. Someday we will look back on this experience and hopefully we will be able to say that we used our time wisely. Of course one of the benefits of having so much free time is the extra hours we have to practice. I have been spending time in the drum room working on exercises that I might not have otherwise spent time on. Displacement has been one of the exercises I have been spending time on. I enjoy the challenge it brings as you can apply it to any pattern. The key is to be able to apply proper coordination and independence. Here are the two videos I am using (Mike Johnston & Brandon Scott). I started out slowly and I am progressing slowly but surely.

Also…My friend and co-author Rich Redmond has generously released the transcriptions to the drum parts he performed on eight Jason Aldean records. These usually run for $15.99 a pop. You can download all of them for FREE to help pass the time. Go to:

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