Product Review: SledgePad

One of the most common issues plaguing drummers is how to properly control the tone of their bass drum. Muffling the bass drum is the best way for managing the sustain and there have been plenty of ways to do this. Usually a pillow or towel is stuck inside the bass drum to absorb the soundwaves. This is a quick and easy fix but what happens when you must move the bass drum from home to the studio or the stage? There is no way to keep the elements inside the drum in the exact same setting where they were placed. This causes an inconsistency between the tone that you had precisely adjusted for and the tone that you end up with.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to guarantee that you would be able to preserve that sound no matter where you went? The folks at SledgePad Innovations have come up with such a solution. SledgePad has developed a unique dampening system created from two-inch wedge acoustic foam. This foam is like the foam panels commonly installed on the walls of studios for sound absorption. These foam wedges support any bass drum depth and stay in place. They also look clean.

The folks at SledgePad were kind enough to send a dampener for us to demo. I used an 18” Ludwig bass drum. The first thing that you notice after taking the pad out of the bag is how clean the profile is. It just looks good. This matters if you are using a clear head on the front of your bass drum. Second is the value of construction. The foam is strong and doesn’t bend or come apart. You can tell you are getting a quality made product. After installing the SledgePad inside of the bass drum I was able to use the small adhesive strips to secure the pad to the drumhead and ensure its position.

When I played the drum with no padding it rang out and had no focus whatsoever. This would be fine for a jazz setting but for rock the drum required a “punchier” feel. After installing the SledgePad the drum had a noticeable kick to it. It came on strong and then went away before too many overtones interrupted the sound. Even on a smaller bass drum like this 18” you got a distinctive Boom! According to their website: “…the added pressure on the batter head allowed me to bring up the tension without sacrificing low end potency…” My review, the SledgePad does exactly what it claims to.

The SledgePad also has several well-known artists endorsing the product. This includes: Mark Schulman, Johnny Rabb, and drum prodigy Cole Marcus. The artist gallery on their website has page after page of endorsements. Don’t just take our word for it, visit for more information.


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