Product Review: Lem’s Cymbal Felts

Far too often we overlook certain pieces of drum equipment that we use every day. For instance, drum sleeves and felts are probably something that you don’t think about as they usually come with the cymbal stand. Sometimes the quality of these accoutrements leave something to be desired.

Earl Lemley has an answer to this dilemma. A gasket maker by trade, Earl has designed and manufactured high-quality cymbal sleeves and felts that are far above the quality that come with standard cymbal stands.

Coming as Short and Tall options Lem’s Cymbal Sleeves are made from high-quality plastic and fit any cymbal stand. Lem’s Felts are made from 100% wool and come in a variety of packages: Hi-Hat Clutch and Seat felts, The Swingers, and Standard and Thick felts. The calling card to Lem’s Sleeves and Felts is that they help drummers save their cymbals from wear and tear.

Earl sent Off Beat samples of his product and they were found to be of the highest quality. Each sleeve and felt fit on standard cymbal stands and not only worked well but also looked good in appearance.

Lem’s Cymbal Felts have been used by professional drummers who have performed with Tom Watts, Cher, Tina Turner, Los Lobos, Hall and Oates, The Cult, Alice Cooper, Steve Winwood, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Carly Simon, T Bone Burnett, Richard Thompson, Bryan Adams, Hank Williams Jr. Gary Allen, Mark Chestnut, Kellie Pickler, Aaron Tippin and Rickey Van Shelton.

If you are interested in preventing wear and tear on your cymbals with high-quality sleeves and felts visit Lem’s Cymbal Felts online at: or call Lemley Industries at 860-584-2724.

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  1. Thanks for featuring Earl’s stuff. He’s awesome as are his products.
    Lee Kelley

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