Helping Heroes

This past weekend I was rummaging through my storage room when I came upon a box of old cassette tapes. Sitting on top were three of my favorites. Two were from the Chick Corea Elektric Band and one was from the Chick Corea Akoustic Band. I remember listening to these tapes a thousand times over and over as I was obsessed with the playing of Dave Weckl. I’ve posted here before about my dislike of long drum solos but honestly, I could watch Dave solo all day. The creativity and precision of his style is amazing, and he is one of the best in his genre.

When I was in high school, I went through a jazz/fusion phase and my friend Jeff Russell (who I have interviewed here before) turned me onto Chick who turned me onto Weckl. I must admit that I spent some time behind my own kit trying to cop sections of the easier songs that he played. No way could I touch the complicated ones. After I dug out these cassettes, I grabbed an old tape player and put it in my drum room. I plan on revisiting that challenge again.

Weckl was, and still is, an inspirational drummer who makes other drummers want to practice. Incredibly, you can now take online lessons with Dave via one-on-one sessions on Zoom. You can work on anything you want. You can have Dave assess your playing and come up with a plan or, tell him what you want to work on. It’s an amazing opportunity to get invaluable insight into improving your playing. For more on that, visit the Dave Weckl Online School at

This got me thinking. What an amazing time we are living in as drummers. We have access to learning tools like Drumeo, and YouTube and we can take lessons from our heroes. Can you imagine Skyping John Bonham and asking him to help you with your bass drum foot? I recently got a piano and I am learning the instrument. I ordered some instructional books but I’m also looking up videos to help get me started. It’s all on my iPhone. In the palm of my hand! It can blow your mind if you stop and think about it. Musicians today have no excuse. The technology is there. Go practice!

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