The Critics Have Spoken

Today I want to take a quick moment and talk about the Internet. Ever since the development of social media sites to include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. people have communicated online with reckless abandon. The concept of posting comments in a virtual setting using a pseudo-anonymous personality has opened the door to both positive and negative comments. In many cases critical analysis of one’s work is understandable, even welcomed. That said mean and hurtful comments also come with the territory. By “putting it out there” one has opened themselves up to an assessment. I have found that often a balance can exist between the constructive and destructive. I am experiencing this trend over on my YouTube channel. Folks either like or dislike my posts with no feelings in between.

Fortunately for every negative comment that is posted I usually receive a positive one. As a result I welcome these online reviews and the remarks they represent. Good or bad. There is an old saying that goes “you can’t please everybody all of the time.” This is true. These comments can only make me better as I strive to improve my playing as a drummer both on and offline. Instead of becoming discouraged I am encouraged. I recommend maintaining a confident attitude no matter what people think. Don’t let the negative vibes overcome the positive. We all play drums for a variety of reasons and our journey with the instrument takes us down many paths. Stay steadfast regardless of others reactions and you will move forward. Here is an example (*click image for full size):

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