Big Modern Drums Vol. 2

Big Modern Drums are back! This time with even more loops, multitracks, samples, grooves, tempos, and feels. Featuring live studio performances by Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean, Nashville and LA sessions), Big Modern Drums Volume 2 serves up some of the most powerful and punchy beats and sounds that we’ve ever released. 

Want even more? Check out The Big Modern Drums Bundle and receive both Volume 1 and Volume 2, all at a 25% bundled discount!

About Rich Redmond Big Modern Drums:
Recorded at Graybox Studios in Nashville, Big Modern Drums features 10 unique sessions, each covering a different feel, tempo, and sound. Do you want 100% control of the drum mix? Just select the Multitrack Edition and get instant access to all 9 audio channels including kick, snare, toms, overheads, and even multiple room mics, allowing you to dial in the perfect drum mix for your production.

The Stereo Loop Edition features 2 mixes of every beat; “dry” and “wet”, providing you with either a “tighter” or “roomier” drum sound based on your needs. In addition to the loops, samples of Rich’s Drum Workshop kit and Sabian cymbals (again, in both “dry” and “wet” mixes) are also provided, allowing you to easily program your own beats with Rich’s signature sounds.

Want to save over 90%? Download The Ultimate Bundle and get instant access to every library in The Yurt Rock catalog!

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