New Book

Our friend Rich Redmond just released his new book…

Rich Redmond, drummer for superstar Jason Aldean, provides a shot of inspiration for those interested in jump-starting a music career.

Any successful musician will tell you the most common question asked of them is, “What does it take to make it?” Rich Redmond is no different. He moved to Nashville more than twenty-five years ago with his drums, a cat, and a vision, and he’s made his dreams come true. Over one too many lattes, he decided to put all of his advice in one place.

Making It in Country Music is filled with practical advice, stories of how Redmond did it himself, and insights from a chorus of other musicians. This is the ultimate behind-the-scenes and fun-to-read book looking at the country music industry and music careers.

Redmond takes you on a tour of Nashville and many other country music meccas: from the massive stadiums to the honky-tonks and the wide variety of jobs that make the industry go. You’ll learn the various skill sets needed to become successful in the industry as well as predictions for the future of country music among many other things. There is no better guide to the country music business than Redmond with his unique blend of encouragement, detailed advice, humor, and experience.

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