The Author

Presentation1CAuthor and historian Michael Aubrecht has dedicated his studies to the histories of Drums and Drumming, the Civil War, the Founding Fathers, the American Revolution and Major League Baseball. He has published seven books as well as multiple articles and essays for Baseball-Almanac, Civil War Historian, Patriots of the American Revolution, Drumhead and Modern Drummer magazines. Michael’s books present historical studies and his feature articles have covered historical perspectives, exclusive interviews, product reviews, and cover stories. Michael has produced three documentary films. He is also an avid musician, designer and speaker. You can contact Michael at

As a writer:

Great explanations and diagrams. What a wonderful book. – David C. Rodway (FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids)

A great book! …Home run! – John M. Johnson (The Civil War in Spotsylvania)

This is a masterful work…A 5 star work, indeed. – Franko P. (Onward Christian Soldier)

The book is handsome and is amptly illustrated. – Jim Schmidt (Historic Churches of Fredericksburg)

As a drummer:

“Michael pours his heart and soul into his drumming…– Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean)

“I just saw your hi-hats only set-up…you are a crazy man!” – Steve Goold (Sarah Bareillis, Owl City)

“Those drum loops are great! You are multi-talented.” – Troy Luccketta (TESLA)

“Michael Aubrecht threw down some sick jazz tracks.” – Attila Domos (solo artist)

“This is fantastic! Thanks for a great job.” – Steve Smith (Journey/Vital Information)

“Michael is the thinking man’s drummer.” – Maroon David (The Drowning)

2 responses to “The Author

  1. Regarding the Civil War drummers, would you know if there was a drummer in the Civil War, by the name of John Read? And, the spelling of his last name is R-e-a-d. He may have been a Yankee, and may have been from Pennsylvania. Is there a list someplace of all the participants, soldiers and drummers, of the Civil War?


    • Hi Nancy, Thank you for the comment. I did a quick search and I am not aware of any source material I personally have on a John Read. I also searched the Net and did not find any mention of a drummer boy of that name. There is no complete list of all participants in the war. You can find lists of most individual units and their records may possibly be available in archives but you would need to know what to look for. If you could provide some additional information such as where is he from, when he enlisted, what unit was he in, did he survive the war. Those facts would be extremely helpful. The National Park Service has a nice search engine for names. I put in ‘John Read’ and got several hits:

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