FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids: Drum Theory for ages 5-10 (Award-winning/fourth printing)
Historic Churches of Fredericksburg: Houses of the Holy
The Civil War in Spotsylvania: Confederate Campfires at the Crossroads
The Long Roll: The Civil War Drummer Boy
Onward Christian Soldier: The Spiritual Journey of Stonewall
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Drumhead: Troy Luccketta The untold story of Tesla’s timekeeper
Drumhead: Steve Goold The ‘gospel’ of drummer Steve Goold
Drumhead: Daniel Glass Drummer/educator/producer
Drumhead: Garrett Goodwin One of a Kind
Drumhead: Gene Krupa A look at the king of percussion, and perspiration
Drumhead: Exclusive Interview  Steve Smith and Daniel Glass
Modern Drummer: Dan Needham First call Nashville journeyman
Modern Drummer: Drummer Boys History of Drummer Boys
Off Beat: Interview Kelly Keagy Keeps on Motoring
Off Beat: Interview Scott Pellegrom Inside the Mind of a Rythmist
Off Beat: Interview Ben Barter Bridging the Gap
Off Beat: Interview Rich Redmond Man on a Mission
Off Beat: Interview Jason Hartless Ted’s Timekeeper
Off Beat: Interview Robert Sweet How Sweet It Is
Off Beat: Interview Keio Stroud Nashville’s Go-To Guy
Off Beat: Interview Tommy Taylor Looking Back Track by Track
Off Beat: Interview Frankie Banali Heavy Metal Hero
Off Beat: Interview Bobby Z Prince’s Percussionist
Off Beat: Interview Danny Seraphine Drumming in the Windy City
Off Beat: Interview Dino Sex The Naked Drummer
Off Beat: Interview David Abbruzzese The Rear View Mirror
Off Beat: Interview Marisa Testa Girl Power
Off Beat: Interview David Thibodeau Survivor Drummer
Off Beat: Interview Robert Perkins Audio Interview
Off Beat: Interview Sarra Cardile Up and Coming (Audio Interview)
Off Beat Interview Bill Stevenson Punk Pop Pioneer
Off Beat: Interview David Cola Up and Coming
Off Beat: Interview Ran Levari Bridging the Gap
Off Beat: Interview David Raouf Talking Shop
Off Beat: Interview Eric Selby Another Page

The Blog Role: America’s Civil War Magazine Spotsylvania Letters
Emerging Civil War: Part 1: History of the Drummer Boy Web Article
Emerging Civil War: Part 2: History of the Drummer Boy Web Article
Emerging Civil War: Part 1: Baseball in the Blue and Gray Web Article
Emerging Civil War: Part 2: Baseball in the Blue and Gray Web Article
Emerging Civil War: Indemnity in Black and White Web Article
Emerging Civil War: Silent Death: Dysentery, Disease and Sickness Web Article
Emerging Civil War: Campfire Cooking: Campaign Diets & Not-So-Fine Dining Web Article
Emerging Civil War: Battlefield Absolution: Father Corby Web Article
Emerging Civil War: Executions in the Confederate Army Web Article
Emerging Civil War: John Adams Elder, Civil War Artist Web Article
Emerging Civil War: The Seasonal Dilemma Web Article
Emerging Civil War: Stonewall’s Sabbath School Web Article
Emerging Civil War: The Gettysburg Cyclorama Web Article
Emerging Civil War: Bernard Slave Cabins Web Article
Emerging Civil War: Photo Essay: Quiet Contradiction
Emerging Revolutionary War: Independence and Contradiction: Our Founding Slaveholders Web Article
Emerging Revolutionary War: The Brush of John Trumbull Web Article
Emerging Revolutionary War: Washington’s Marshals Web Article
Civil War Trust: The Forgotten Casualty Preservation and environment
Civil War Historian: ACW Baseball Origins of baseball during the Civil War
Patriots of the American Revolution: Monticello Slavery at Monticello
Patriots of the American Revolution: M.B. Washington George’s mom
Patriots of the American Revolution: Ben Franklin History of the $100
Patriots of the American Revolution: Black Loyalists African-Americans
Patriots of the American Revolution: The Duel Hamilton-Barr duel
Baseball-Almanac: Contributing Historian (2000-2006)
Opening Day
Seventh Inning Stretch
MLB Commissioners
World Series History (wrote 1903-2006)
All Star Game History (wrote 1933-2006)
Divisional Series (wrote 1981-2006)
Year By Year History (wrote 1901-2006)
Gay Lesbian Review Worldwide: A. Hamilton Questioning A. Hamilton
The Jefferson Project Multi-racial essays on an American Icon
Mort Kunstler Painting EssaysOfficial Writer (2009-present)
HOPE Presbyterian Post: Contributing Writer (“HIStory” Column)

“The Angel of Marye’s Heights” (F’burg Civil War Roundtable)
Race and Remembrance (Manassas Museum)
Stonewall’s 1862 Valley Campaign (CWHC Muster Banquet)
The 123rd PA Volunteer Infantry (Carnegie Library Hall)
Revival St. George’s Episcopal Church (St. George’s Civil War Series)
Battle of Spotsylvania: In Their Words (Richmond Civil War Roundtable)
Historical Research and Writing Tips (Pittsburgh Writer’s Project)
The Great Revival During the Civil War (Manassas Museum)
Historical Research and Writing (Maury Commons Heritage Center)
Forgotten Sites of Lee’s Hill (Lee’s Hill ‘55 Club)
Fredericksburg’s Churches (SPC Church)
Christ in the Camp (Spotsylvania Presbyterian Church)

The Angel of Marye’s Heights: Documentary Talking head
The Angel Of Marye’s Heights (Full Film): Co-Producer
Booty Shakers Commercial: Product Review
Vital Voices: Rich Redmond episode: Producer/Writer
U.S. Marshals Gang Enforcement: Producer/Editor
NCWLF Commercial: Commercial Spokesperson
Part 1: Part 2: Mary Ball Washington keynote address
Mind of Adam Narrator

Guest Drumming:
Fire and Ice (Attila Domos)
Survivorman (Question Everything)