Curriculum Vitae
Michael A. Aubrecht

• Associates of Specialized Technology: Visual Communications, Art Institute of Pittsburgh
• Certificate of Knowledge: Strategic Planning, The Washington School


• Lockheed Martin RMS: Sr. Technical Writer/Video Producer
• United States Marshals Service: Tech Writer/Editor, Investigative Operations Division/Management Support Division
• Marstel-Day Environmental Consultants: Editor
• Selling Power Magazine: Associate Art Director
• Lockheed Martin Services Division: Multimedia Developer

• Right Stripe Media: Documentary Co-producer/Writer
• Mort Kunstler Enterprises: Historian, Essayist
• Historian, Archivist, Contributing Writer
• The Free-Lance Star: Book Reviewer
• Modern Drummer, Drumhead, Civil War Historian, Patriots of the American Revolution, Civil War Trust: Contributing Writer

• FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids (Modern Drummer Publications)
• The Civil War in Spotsylvania County (The History Press)
• Historic Churches of Fredericksburg (The History Press)
• The Southern Cross: A Civil War Devotional (Patriot Press)
• Onward Christian Soldier – Stonewall Jackson (Publish America)
• Christian Cavalier – Jeb Stuart (Publish America)
• You Stink! – MLB Baseball: *Co-author (Kent State University)
• Luckiest Fans on the Face of the Earth: NY Yankees (Self-published eBook)
• The Long Roll (Self-published eBook)

Book Chapters
• Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) Protoball: Civil War
• The Baseball Miscellany by John White: Foreword
• Faith-Writers Annual: Volumes 1-4

Magazine Articles/Interviews

• Drumhead: Troy Luccketta, The untold story of Tesla’s timekeeper
• Drumhead: Steve Goold, The ‘gospel’ of drummer Steve Goold
• Drumhead: Daniel Glass, Drummer/educator/producer
• Drumhead: Garrett Goodwin, One of a Kind
• Drumhead: Gene Krupa, A look at the king of percussion and perspiration
• Drumhead : Exclusive Interview with Steve Smith and Daniel Glass
• Modern Drummer: Dan Needham, First call Nashville journeyman
• Modern Drummer: History of Drummer Boys (Revolution-Civil War)
• Off Beat: Interview Kelly Keagy, Keeps on Motoring
• Off Beat: Interview Scott Pellegrom, Inside the Mind of a Rythmist
• Off Beat: Interview Ben Barter, Bridging the Gap
• Off Beat: Interview Jason Hartless, Ted’s Timekeeper
• Off Beat: Interview Rich Redmond, Man on a Mission
• Off Beat: Interviews: Sean Fuller, Brandon Scott, Mike Emerson
• Off Beat: Interview Robert Sweet, How Sweet It Is
• Off Beat: Interview Keio Stroud, Nashville’s Go-To Guy
• Off Beat: Interview Tommy Taylor, Looking Back Track by Track
• Off Beat: Interview Frankie Banali, Heavy Metal Hero
• Off Beat: Interview Bobby Z, Prince’s Percussionist
• Off Beat: Interview Danny Seraphine, Drumming in the Windy City
• Off Beat: Interview Dino Sex, The Naked Drummer
• Off Beat Interview David Abbruzzese, The Rear View Mirror
• Off Beat Interview Marisa Testa, Girl Power
• Off Beat Interview David Thibodeau, Survivor Drummer
• Off Beat Interview Robert Perkins, Audio Interview
• Off Beat Interview Sarra Cardile, Audio Interview
• Off Beat Interview Bill Stevenson, Punk Pop Pioneer
• Off Beat Interview David Cola, Up and Coming
• Off Beat Interview Ran Levari, Bridging the Gap
• Off Beat Interview David Raouf, Talking Shop
• Off Beat Interview Eric Selby, Another Page

America’s Civil War Magazine: Spotsylvania Soldiers Letters
• Emerging Civil War: History of the Drummer Boy
• Emerging Civil War: Baseball in the Blue and Gray
• Emerging Civil War: Indemnity in Black and White
• Emerging Civil War: Silent Death: Dysentery, Disease and Sickness
• Emerging Civil War: Campfire Cooking: Campaign Diets & Not-So-Fine Dining
• Emerging Civil War: Battlefield Absolution: Father Corby
• Emerging Civil War: Executions in the Confederate Army
• Emerging Civil War: James Adams Elder: Civil War Artist
• Emerging Civil War: The Seasonal Dilemma
• Emerging Civil War: Stonewall’s Sabbath School
• Emerging Civil War: The Gettysburg Cyclorama
• Emerging Civil War: Bernard Slave Cabins
• Emerging Civil War: Photo Essay: Quiet Contradiction
• Emerging Revolutionary War: Independence and Contradiction: Our Founding Slaveholders
• Emerging Revolutionary War: The Brush of John Trumbull
• Emerging Revolutionary War: Washington’s Marshals
• Civil War Trust: The Forgotten Casualty, Civil War’s effect on the environment
• Civil War Historian: Origins of baseball during the Civil War
• Patriots of the American Revolution:  Acknowledging slavery at Monticello
• Patriots of the American Revolution: Life of Mary Ball Washington
• Patriots of the American Revolution: History of the $100 bill
• Patriots of the American Revolution: Black Loyalists in the Revolution
• Patriots of the American Revolution: Alexander Hamilton-Aaron Barr duel
• Gay Lesbian Review Worldwide: Questioning the sexuality of A. Hamilton
• The Free Lance Star, Town and County: Mort Kunstler
• The Free Lance Star, Town and County: Lee’s Lieutenants

Encyclopedia Entries
• 1989 World Series: Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures (The Pacific Region)
• Baseball and the Blue and the Gray: The World of the Civil War and A Peoples History of Sports in the United States
• Jackie Mitchell: Wikipedia

Almanac Entries
• Baseball-Almanac: Complete History of the World Series, Complete History of the All-Star Game, Complete History of the Divisional Series, Year In Review, Independent Historical Essays

• LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Post-Gazette, Free-Lance Star

Book Reviews
• Book reviews for The Free-Lance Star Town and County:

    • Lost Triumph: Lee’s Real Plan at Gettysburg and Why It Failed by Tom Carhart
    • U.S. Grant: The Making of a General, 1861-1863 by Michael B. Ballard
    • To Make Men Free: A Novel of the Battle of Antietam by Richard Croker
    • What Caused the Civil War? Reflections on the South and Southern History by Edward L. Ayers
    • Old Alleghany: The Life and Wars of General Ed Johnson by Gregg S. Clemmer
    • Reconstructed Yankee by Jack Maples
    • Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade by John O. Casler, Introduction by Robert K. Krick
    • Shock Troops of the Confederacy: Sharpshooter Battalions of the Army of Northern Virginia by Fred L. Ray
    • No Greater Courage: A Novel of the Battle of Fredericksburg by Richard Croker
    • Plenty of Blame To Go Around: Stuart’s Ride To Gettysburg by Eric J. Wittenberg and J. David Petruzzi
    • Stonewall Jackson “The Black Man’s Friend” by Richard Williams
    • Rush’s Lancers: The Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry in the Civil War by Eric J. Wittenberg
    • Stealing The General: The Great Locomotive Chase and the First Medal of Honor by Russell S. Bonds
    • Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story (DVD) by Franklin Springs Family Media
    • No Soap, No Pay, Diarrhea, Dysentery & Desertion by Jeff Toalson (editor)
    • Shades of Gray by Jessica James
    • Lincoln in Stafford by Jane Hollenbeck Conner
    • Sinners, Saints, and Soldiers in Civil War Stafford by Jane Hollenbeck Conner

• The Angel of Marye’s Heights: Writer, Co-producer, Talking head
• Vital Voices (Rich Redmond Episode): Writer, Co-producer
• U.S. Marshals Service Gang Enforcement: Producer/Editor
• U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force: Producer/Editor
• Mary Ball Washingon Keynote Address: Writer/Speaker
• Booty Shakers Commercial: Writer/Speaker
• National Civil War Life Museum Commercial: Writer/Speaker
• The Mind of Adam: Narrator/Drum Replication

• Off-Beat with Michael Aubrecht:
• FUNdamentals of Drumming:

Social Media

Graphic Design work for clients including: U.S. Navy, U.S. Marshals Service, Modern Drummer Publications, Rich Redmond, Marstel-Day, Dick Butkus Football Network and Selling Power Inc.

• The Angel of Marye’s Heights (Mary Washington University, Liberty University)
• Richard R. Kirkland (Fredericksburg Civil War Roundtable)
• Race and Remembrance at Baptist Churches (Manassas Museum)
• Stonewall’s 1862 Valley Campaign (CWHC Muster Banquet)
• The Mother of the Father of Our County (VAFB Conference)
• The Gallant 123rd PA Volunteer Infantry (Carnegie Library Hall)
• The Importance of Civil War Memory (Carnegie Library Hall)
• Great Revival St. George’s Episcopal Church (Civil War Series)
• Spotsylvania: In Their Words (Richmond Civil War Roundtable)
• Research and Writing for all Genres (Pittsburgh Writer’s Project)
• The Great Revival During the Civil War (Manassas Museum)
• Historical Research and Writing (Maury Commons Heritage Center)
• Backyard History: Lee’s Hill (Lee’s Hill ‘55 Club)
• Lecture Series: Fredericksburg’s Churches (SPC Church)

• B101.5 Morning Show (Fredericksburg, VA)
• 88.5 KGNU Radio (Denver, CO)
• 13.20 WGET Radio (Gettysburg, PA)
• 12.40 WGBB Radio (New York, NY)
• 1250 WSSP Sports Radio (Milwaukee, WI)
• Sports Talk Trib Radio (Pittsburgh, PA)
• Voice America Radio (Internet)
• That ABC Show (Pittsburgh, PA)
• Drum Talk Radio: Around the Kit (Internet)

• This Mighty Scourge
• The Free-Lance Star
• Hometown History
• The Front Porch
• The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
• Novel Pastimes
• SPC Newsletter

• Judge: National Federation of Press Women
• Judge: 2016 Guitar Center Drum Off (Local)
• Musician: Mellon Jazz Festival Student All-Stars Ensemble
• Musician: PITT University Senior Day participant
• Keynote: 2010 VA Farm Bureau Women’s Conference
• Endorser: Rich Sticks, Drumtacs, Bum-Wrap, Prologix, TnR Products, A. Argullin, Drumset (defunct)

Awards and Honors
• Best-Selling Amazon Author: (FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids)
• Best-In-Show: Summer NAMM (FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids)
• Finalist International Book Awards: (You Stink!)
• Certificates of Service and Appreciation (3): United States Marshals Service
• Distinguished Group Award: United States Marshals Service
• Certificate of Appreciation/Certificate of Recognition: Project Support Services
• Employee Service Awards for Excellence (4): Lockheed Martin
• Creativity Design Awards (6): Selling Power Inc.
• 2008 Second Place, National Photo Competition: Civil War Preservation Trust
• Writing Awards of Excellence (4): Faith-Writers Weekly Challenge
• Certificate of Appreciation and Honorary Membership: UDC and SCV
• Certificate of Appreciation and Honorary Membership: John Bell Hood Society
• Chuck Finder’s Website of the Week: Pittsburgh Press

• Civil War Trust
• The Jefferson Project
• Modern Drummer Publications
• National Civil War Life Foundation (defunct)