Black and White


The first concert I ever attended was Quiet Riot on their Condition Critical Tour (1984). Although I was only in the seventh grade, I vividly recall the experience like it was yesterday. Despite my affection for the four musicians in the band what I recall most was Frankie Banali’s massive black and white striped drum kit. At the time it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. As a budding drummer I was hypnotized by the sheer magnitude of the 360 degree kit that surrounded Banali. I was especially drawn to the double bass setup with the layered drums (octabans and rack toms) up front. Banali was a great showman who laid down a solid groove that was not eclipsed by his kit. That said his set-up personified the hair metal band excess that 80’s drummers routinely used (Banali was one of the first to implement it.) My first kit was a white Pearl Export and I seriously thought about grabbing some electrical tape and striping it myself. Today I pride myself on the custom pink oyster wrap that I use and the originality I sought was inspired by Banali’s example. Like most drummers from that era Banali has stripped down to a standard four piece in place of his signature monstrosity. The memory of the black and white kit lives on and Banali has repeated the pattern in recent years. What’s your favorite kit and why?

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