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I don’t review gear here at Off-Beat as there are other people who specialize in those types of reviews. Most of them know more about drum equipment and manufacturing than I will ever know and are far more qualified to critique them. One such individual is Sheldon Kreger at Pro Drum Blog. Sheldon does an excellent job of presenting evaluations on all kinds of drum equipment from albums and cases to instructional books. Most impressive is the World Drum Database that Sheldon designed with his friend Johnny Rabb (Yes, THAT Johnny Rabb). According to Pro Drum Blog “ Drummer List is the one-stop database for drummers worldwide. Register your free account and let the world know of your passion for drums! Your profile will be part of the world’s ultimate list of drummers. Drummer List isn’t just for individuals. You can also register your drum company to be listed for free on the site. If you’re wondering who plays drums in your area, use the search tool to find drummers in your city. Add your profile for free and let other musicians around the world discover you!” According to his bio Sheldon is inspired by the way the internet has connected musicians in the last decade, and seeks to build strong relationships between students, teachers, vendors, fans, and all individuals who love music. Visit Sheldon’s blog at

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