Complete Music for the Fife and Drum

This collection of 78 tunes notated by Walter D. Sweet contains Civil War selections as well as many other traditional favorites. Each arrangement features harmony, style marks and guitar chords. The music is supplemented with histories of the tunes and drumbeats. Complete Music for Fife and Drum was compiled by a professional fifer and intended for the military fife in B-flat. This book offers tunes from the Revolutionary and Civil War eras with suggested snare and bass drum parts as well as chord progressions. It also contains a wealth of fife and drum history and resources. The author, Walter Sweet, is the son of the well-known American fife maker Ralph Sweet of Connecticut. Civil War-era songs include: Dixie, Marching Through Georgia, The Bonnie Blue Flag and Stonewall Jackson’s Way just to name a few. (Includes access to online audio.) You can order this unique book online at Mel Bay Products.

Here is a sample of the book’s Civil War-era songs:

Audio Sample 1 (Just Before the Battle Mother)

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