I’ve shared some of my other “non-drumming” writing projects here before. My latest assignment is an exciting opportunity to work with the Washington National’s farm team, the Fredericksburg Nationals. Our community is ecstatic to have a minor league baseball team call our little town home and of course history will play a big part in the team’s persona. (The team’s secondary logo features a cartoon George Washington swinging an axe like a baseball bat.) I’ve written extensively on the origins of baseball, especially during the Civil War: Emerging Civil War: Part 1: Baseball in the Blue and Gray Emerging Civil War: Part 2: Baseball in the Blue and Gray . I was asked by the team owner’s son and a group made up of a local sports writer, museum curator and preservationist to provide research and writing for a timeline that will be featured behind home plate in the new stadium. I’m really looking forward to watching this project progress and learning about the history of baseball in the ‘Burg. Now that the Nats are going to the World Series interest in the team will be at an all-time high. This should trickle down to their farm team. I look forward to taking my son to some games as it will be a real treat to have professional baseball right in our backyard.

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