Chris Coleman: Outward Angles

Drummer Chris Coleman has a pocket that goes on for days. In 1999, Chris graduated with honors from the Drummer’s Collective. In 2001, Chris won 1st place in the National Drum Competition sponsored by Guitar Center. He was also recognized in Modern Drummer magazine in the September ’05’ and June ’06’ issues. In 2010, Chris appeared at the Modern Drummer Festival and PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Convention).

What I find very interesting is that Chris tilts his cymbals away from himself. It’s not for show. Due to the fact that he’s a heavier hitter Chris tilts them away so when he plays on one continuously the cymbal will be at the correct angle. If you keep hitting a cymbal tilted down it just tilts further down and away and is un-playable. So by tilting them away, when he continuously hits them they remain flatter. Here’s a video where Chris talks about his cymbal setup.


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